Sioux Falls

Meet Our People in Sioux Falls

Our Sioux Falls agents specialize in commercial insurance coverage and your personal coverage for auto, home and life. 

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Adam Jones
Truck Insurance
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Allison Hamik
Truck Insurance
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Amanda Borth
Truck Insurance
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Brenda DeBoer
Commercial Lines
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Brenda Phelps
Commercial Lines
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Doreen Pattison
Personal Lines
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Greg Baldwin
Insurance Agent
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Jan Hanson
Accounting / Account Manager
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Jane Nelson
Commercial Lines
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Jeff Pray
Commercial Lines
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Jennifer Raymond
IT Specialist
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Jenny Fargen
Office Support
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Jessica Stief
Personal Lines
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Jodie Lynch
Truck Insurance
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Kelly Anderberg
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Kim Duprey
Agency Administrator
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Lisa Rensland
Commerical Lines
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Michael Tveidt
Commercial Lines
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Renee Myrick
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Russ Stough
Commercial Lines
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Selda Baumberger
Commercial Lines
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Steve DeRoo
Commercial Lines
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