Meet Our People in Pierre

You will find Fischer, Rounds & Associates’ corporate offices in the city of Pierre. Along with our administrative team, the Pierre office also has a team of insurance specialists who can assist you with coverage for your business, home, life or auto.

The Pierre office also offers Fischer Rounds Real Estate services.

At Your Service. At Your Side.

Allison Reiman
Commercial Lines
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Ashley Siedschlaw
Office Support
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Carrie Small
Commercial Lines
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Chris M. Rounds
Commercial Lines
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Cindy Canode
Commercial Lines
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Dallas Ford
Health Department
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Doug Rounds
Life Insurance
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Gabriela Bonilla
Office Support
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Jean Rounds
Office Support
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Jennifer Schuetzle
Contact Jennifer Schuetzle
Joey Ferguson
Personal Lines
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Joey Seamans
Health Department
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Josh Bakker
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Josh Gilkerson
Health Department
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Justin Larson
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Karl Fischer
Past President
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Kim Lyon
Commercial Lines
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Krystal Johnson
Truck/Commercial Account Manager
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Kurt Swanson
Commercial Lines & Truck Insurance
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Lonnie McKittrick
Health Department
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Lowell Somsen
Commercial Lines
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Mary Schaefer
Personal Lines
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Mike Hofmeister
Commercial Lines
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Nancy Chester
Contact Nancy Chester
Rachel Smith
Commercial Lines
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Ryan McEntaffer
IT Specialist
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Sam Krier
Commercial Lines
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Samara Campbell
Agency Administrator
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Scott Schuetzle
Commercial Lines
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Shane Lehrkamp
Commercial Lines
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Sue Weekly
Commercial Lines
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Suzi Anderson
Commercial Account Manager
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Tami Carda
Office Support
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Tammy Lusk
Personal Lines
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