Meet Our People in Mitchell

Fischer, Rounds & Associates agents in Mitchell specialize in commercial, personal and health insurance products.  Our agents can help you find the coverage you need to meet all your needs.  

The Mitchell office also offers Fischer Rounds Real Estate services.

At Your Service. At Your Side.

Allison Adema
Personal Lines
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Andrea Groves
Commercial Lines
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Anne Reindl
Personal Lines/Agency Administrator
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Calli Williams
Commercial Lines
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Dan Backlund
Commercial Lines & Truck Insurance
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Denise Royston
Commercial Lines
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Jane Swenson
Truck Insurance
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Jenna Byrd
Personal Lines
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Jonilyn Gau
Truck Insurance
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Liza Reinesch
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Marissa Martinsen
Commercial Lines
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Michelle Olson
Commercial Lines
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Nancy Fradet
Health Department
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Nicolas Backlund
Commercial Lines
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Pam Groen
Quality Control
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Pat Miller
Office Support
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Patty O'Connor
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Phil Collins
Commercial Lines
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Sheila Nelson
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Suzy Olinger
Commercial Lines
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Tanya Dise
Health Department
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